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Roulette Tactics and Techniques - Money Down the Line 

The lure of money continues to entice players to bet on roulette with hopes of picking a bundle of cash. After all playing roulette is both easy and fun to begin with but being a constant winner is the hardest part in the life of a roulette gambler. And today we will discuss some roulette tactics and techniques that will elevate you from mediocrity to excellence.


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Transforming you to an icon roulette player calls for complete dedication and discipline; focus is the key as I always say. Practice what you have learned and apply them with total resolved in order to perfect your betting styles. After all, practice is the path to perfection.


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First and foremost of these roulette tactics and techniques is belief in oneself. One must know how to put to rest apprehensions of losing. Timid persons cannot shield themselves from defeat most especially with consecutive losses. These frightened individuals focus more on saving their money even before play starts.


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Another tactic and roulette technique worth mentioning is the use of a game plan. With all roulette game plans available and these are hundreds of them, one must be analytical enough and decipher plans there is to neutralize the house built -in advantage. You can consider on your roulette plan of action is to bet only on even money odds. Eliminating high risk bets increases your chances of winning. These even money odds are odd and even bets, red and black color bets, and 1 – 18 and 19 – 35 group bets. Very seldom do I place bets on column odds and dozen odds payout. I still consider anything above 2 to 1 odds high enough and restrain myself, thus evading a good roulette beating.


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Next step in you quest for that much anticipated cash is the use of trending. Forget about measuring the spread of the roulette ball and wheel in order to get a bias numbers. All you need here are paper and colored pencil with 2 colors on both ends.

Trending is done by plotting the results of even money bets in a graph like manner. Put a circle on your roulette score card with its winning color. A graph like fashion will appear even just 5 spin. This graph like circles of 2 colors will hint you to where your next bet is.


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But be reminded that trends only appear in bundles of 5 – 10 spins. A break of ill-pattern colored circles will then present itself before another set of trend returns. Every master roulette player waits for a good trend or pattern to appear that is easily recognizable thereby betting option is freed from strenuous analysis leading to a high probability of a win. Long straight downward line of a single color is gambler’s favorite.

I had the privilege of winning straight 14 red in one occasion and numerous instances 8 – 10 straight some color win. I was able to spot the forth coming straight line formation from trending.