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One area in roulette that is worth articulating on is spins. Roulette spins has been the focus of many discussions and debates for over a century now. Ever since roulettes inception as a game of chance, gambling enthusiasts who are keen on roulette spins have made spins the center of controversy. And today we will attempt to discuss on “roulette spins creating bias number”.

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We must first be reminded that roulette manufactures specifically mandates that the ball must complete 4 evolutions before it drops into pockets of numbers. It is also stated wheels must maintain an “above a particular speed” before being considered a legitimate spin. This means that in order to avoid creating number biases a minimum speed is required. Roulette’s unpredictability is the very nature of the game.


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In case roulette shows just a 5% bias on certain numbers catastrophe will occur and financial difficulties soon be felt by the casino. Players most especially veterans upon noticing this situation will surely take advantage by betting huge amounts on bias numbers.

All casinos monitor spins 7/24 and are recorded in secretly fashion. This is to find out if biases are percent in certain tables. This is done by analyzing the result of spins grouped in by thousands. In data available for analyzing, casino surveillance teams also take note of dealer’s way of spinning the ball and wheel. They say some dealer’s spins through what they call “muscle memory”. Wow! And all the while I thought muscle memory only applies to the game of golf! That’s why I’m having a hard time straightening my slice shots


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Anyway in roulette it is only through spinning that produces winning numbers. This is why spins are considered the most important part of the roulette. Without spins there can never be a game. Otherwise, we can just throw the ball in the same manner in as they throw the dice in craps, we even call it now “throwlette”. Kidding aside spins are the nerve center of roulette. A study on roulette spins conducted in 2005 by a well known casino establishment revealed that spins in roulette can make or unmake a casino.

This study was made from 20,000 spins with minimum bet of $1 and maximum of $25. An astonishing revelation was the result; it says if a player wagered on a number that was considered bias numbers players who bet $1 will win a staggering $5,304 while those who wager on maximum limit got $132,600. We have to take note that only 3 numbers were considered in this case. These are strong figures worth investigating don’t you think? But wait, the numbers considered bias came from 20,000 spins equivalent to about 40 days of continuous, non-stop roulette. Now, this is an impossible task to do.


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From the figure of 20,000 spins, bias number should appear within 30-50 spins. This is the normal rate of spins dealers make in an hour work. This is the time where muscle memory comes into play. No matter how we look at it, no matter how we try and figure out things as to why some numbers wins more than the others, no concrete studies have proven that roulette’s spin can alter results.