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Roulette Rules - And How You Can Make A Fortune With Roulette

Most roulette rules existed since the 18th century era. So today’s roulette is practically the same with the days of monarchical empires that prevailed Europe. The wheel and layout are similar except the number 00 which was stricken out in order to be more competitive against the American style roulette in 1800s. Moreover present day roulette’s 0 (zero) and (00) is colored green compared to red and black respectively during roulette’s infancy.

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Players needs to know roulette rules just like in other games of chance. Gaining knowledge of the game makes players confident and wins respect from their peers. An abrupt player who plunges into the game without any orientation might disturb the pace and flow of the game. Delays are the result of such, much to players’ annoyance. Dealers has to assist a newbie in every aspect of betting and instead of having 12 spins in an hour this impromptu on the job training makes it 6 every sixty minutes. I sure winning players want to win more and losing players eager to get a rebound in a short time possible. Nobody wants to that jerk everybody is talking about, would you.


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We will now discuss basic rules so next time you play roulette they might mistakenly say “Good evening Mr. Bond, plays your bets please”. And you would reply in roulette fashion ‘Straight up 00 and seven, my man’.

A unique roulette rule states that only special roulette chips are use in playing roulette. These are different from regular casino chips which are the standard chips for all games. Therefore changing your regular chips to roulette chips is a must. Moreover different sets of colored chips are given to players in American roulette, unlike European roulette’s one color scheme.


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It has always been the practice that before spinning the ball around the wheel bets are placed. Even as the wheel is spinning, bets can still be accommodated until only ball is spun inside the wheel. Thereafter croupier ‘shouts no more bet’. This roulette rule is strictly enforced.

Moving further, during betting players needs to know where to place their bets on the layout. For example, 4 number combination calls for chips to be in the exact location to clearly establish this corner bet. A misplaced bet can be interpreted in another way.


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All casino tables has minimum and maximum bets limits. However in roulette they require minimum bet on two areas of betting, that is, inside bets and outside bets. For example tables with $10 minimum means you cannot bet $5 on inside bet and another $5 on the outside bet. Combing the two bets is prohibited to reach minimum bet.

Payouts are based on the official payout schedule regardless of roulette system. Single number bet pays 35 to 1, two number combinations gives you 17 to 1 and so forth.

Lastly, a unique feature in European roulette is ‘En prison roulette rule’, this applies whenever zero wins, and it allows players to choose whether to surrender half of their bet or leave them for another crack at winning. Under the French roulette however, ‘La Portage’ roulette rule is a variation of ‘En Prison’ rule of European roulette. This time players have no option but automatically lose half of their bets on outside bets only. With scheme many players prefer the French roulette style.

So there they are, some important rules where players must know in order to have a fun and exciting game of roulette.