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Types of Roulette Games

Casino and roulette have become so closely associated that one cannot imagine one without the other; the same goes on when someone mentions Las Vegas, again the first thought is that of the roulette wheel spinning. Certainly nowadays one doesn’t even have to visit a brick and mortar casino in order to be able to play roulette.

You only have to find the right website to sign up with and you are ready for the spin of the virtual wheel. The two main roulette types are the American Roulette and the European one, with some differences of course. If you meet a roulette wheel which has a zero and a double zero compartment on it, that means you are about to play on the American Roulette. It is said that this type of roulette is more beneficial for the house, as odds that the house wins are more than if you were playing European Roulette. Also, in American type of roulette each of the players receive chips of different colors, so that makes it easier for you to follow your own game, you won’t get entangled with other people’s chips on bets and you’ll be able to spot immediately your chips. One disadvantage and one advantage as you have noticed, in American Roulette.

Now, European Roulette is a more ‘fair play’ wheel, because it has only one ‘zero’ compartment on it, so chances between the house and you are equal; the disadvantage (if it can be called that way!), is that at European Roulette you all the players will receive chips of the same color, so this raises a lot the excitement of the game, and it calls on your good memory skills to be able to keep an eye on the fate of your chips. Then, entering a roulette room of American type you will spot the croupier gathering the chips not with a rake as to what one is used to in European type of Roulette, but bare handed. You may have guessed very well so far that the European type of roulette is preferred to the American type. Certainly, you can check out the American type as well, but regarding positive features, the European has much more.


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The excitement of the game relies in the fact that there seems to be no midways in roulette the game: you may either win or loose, it is either red or black, either odd or even, and so on. Then, it seems there is no strategy in a roulette game; certainly you can have some favorite numbers you make your bets on no matter what because you believe in the chance that at one point it might happen if you don’t switch that much your gaming strategy. Instead luck is what sees to be the predominant ingredient when you play roulette. And because it is such an unpredictable game, especially if you are at your first gambling steps, you should definitely be precautious, hereby meaning that you should bet only smaller amounts of money, until you get used to it and why not until you see whether luck is on your side or not. Besides the two above mentioned types of roulette, you can also meet the French Roulette.

Certainly for those of you, who are passionate about roulette in general, would like at least once in a lifetime to see the French roulette spinning. The French roulette is similar in many ways with the European Roulette, it is also a "single zero wheel", but here you won’t hear directions in English, so there are a few terms of interest you should memorize just in case you ever happen to play the original French type. Basically, what you need to know in English about Roulette, the same you need to know in French: even, odd, low and high, which are pair, impair, manqué and passé respectively. Of the three so far mentioned types of roulette games, French roulette definitely has a win over the other two, because there is a rule called "la partage", which simply means that if the ball hits the zero on the wheel, you don’t loose all your money but split it with the house (hence partage=split). This is definitely a plus and a positive feature of French Roulette, which proves even more fair play than the other two types.

And because by now you surely got in the mod for a French roulette, here are some more terms you should get acknowledged with: "voisins du zero", "tyers du cylindre’, "orphelins’, "finales en plein’ and "finales a cheval", and all these form what is known as Call Bets in French Roulette. If you make your bet on ‘voisins du zero’ (literally the neighbors of zero), it means you are placing your money on the sequence of numbers in the immediate vicinity of zero, and this bet involves 17 numbers. Then, if you call for ‘tyers du cylindre’, you’ll place your money on 12 numbers, and the series is 27,13,36,11,30,8,23,10,5,24,16, and 33. Next, calling for placing your bet on ‘orphelins’ means the numbers which are the leftover from the ‘neighbours of zero’ bet and the ‘thirds’ (tyers). If you have one lucky number and you wish to exhaust all your possibilities, then you should call for a ‘finales en plein’ bet, which means placing your bet on the series of numbers ending in the specific "magic number". Say 6 is your favorite number, then calling ‘finales en plein’ means placing your bet on numbers 6,16,26, and 36; on the other hand if you have two favorite numbers then call "finales a cheval’ and you’ll have yourself a bet on a sequence of numbers which end in both variations.

Say you make a ‘finales a cheval’ 3/5; then you’ll have the following sequence of numbers: 3,5,13,15, 23 and 25, 33 and 35.As seen, there are many interesting variations and types of bets in roulette, which aim to make your game easier. Yet another type of roulette game which should be mentioned is the Roulette Royal, which is again a good neighbor of the European Roulette, only it has a distinguished feature: progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot happens when the ball falls on the same number on the wheel for five consecutive times, and then you can win very large sums of money. No matter which type of roulette game you choose, the most important fact is that you should play for the fun of the game and don’t make an addictive habit out of pleasant time spending.



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