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Roulette Forums - The New Communication Platform for Online Gamblers  

A great way to communicate with other roulette players is through forums. This way you can exchange ideas on different subjects about roulette. On the web, hundreds of roulette forums abound where you can meet different players all-over the world. Forums are communities of avid roulette players willing to give information, news, betting styles, reviews of different roulette sites and a host of other pertinent matters which can be both useful and informative. In forums there are players and moderators in real time, ready to comment on your latest post similar to that of a chat style.

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Over the years I’ve been a member in couple of roulette forums or beoards and being an active participant, I had the privilege of meeting great players who shared with me their winning ways. Valuable first hand experiences given by some players boost my chances of winning, resulting marked improvement in my game. There were even times discussions were centered on roulette sites that are easily beatable. We all had a good laugh at this one, considering the huge number of roulette sites there are. Furthermore, in the midst of conversing via forums we were all browsing and playing at the same time. Comparing notes on which sites gives us better chance of winning.


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Although experiences of joining forums are both enriching and fun, there were instances that tends to destroy the foundation forums were established. We all agree forums are ways to communicate and exchange information’s among people having the same interest. A community or roulette board is thus created and a continuous flow of warm relationship among fellow gamers is achieved. However, in our fast paced, competitive world of information technology, said posters uses these sites for paid forum posting.

Paid posting companies in search of higher revenues convince some gambling sites to fill and pollute their sites thereby making it appear active with knowledgeable and ardent players. An excellent move from an economic point of view, this practice may not contribute any further than a good pay for posting companies and their hired posters.


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Most of these posters are not gamblers in the first place; their topics and statements posted are mere simple comments, most of which at first glance lack true and verifiable experiences in the game itself. Usually posters write less than 20-25 words as it is one of the requirements posters have to make in order to be paid. Moreover these posters fail to respond comments posted by other members. Their focus it to write comments not less than 20-25 words without willingness to establish rapport within the community. It is write and run routine for these guys, after posting 25 words per comments they vanish into their air, never to be heard from them again. This practice can destroy the very essence of roulette boards and forums.


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How to spot these fake posters takes little investigative process. A cunning way is to look at their profile, usually it’s blank and under posts made all of their comment are lengthy and in monotonously styled in each remark.

By this I mean a few worded sentences are rewritten and stretched in such a way that they can a lengthily remark via the required 25 words minimum. Not well verse on subject matters at hand, they compensate this by being active in postings for about 2 weeks to a month, in other instances these posters promotes other sites as they are paid to do so. An example of this is posters invading sites with the purpose of promoting a certain site’s on-going contest.

Forums are communities of people with the same interest who are willing to share with others and gain meaningful information’s through postings. The use of said posters certainly has no place in forums like roulette community of forums.