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Roulette Chips  

Casinos all over the world use chips as a means to play any game of chance. It also serves as payment for winnings. Before one can play any casino game, cash is changed into chips. Changing chips to cash and vise versa carries no charge, so the face value of your money is equivalent to the amount of chips. However even if you have those casino chips you cannot use them in one particular game and that is roulette.

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Roulette carries a special kind of tradition among all of the casino games, and one of those is the use of chips. Roulette issues out roulette chips to players wishing to play. Before playing, roulette players surrender their casino chips for roulette chips for the same value. This has been the practice for generations.


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The practice of having roulette chips exclusively for roulette is to avoid confusion among players. In roulette there can be quite a number of players betting and in the midst of play identifying ownership to a chip can be easily established. Under the American roulette style players are given different colors, where European roulette players are issued only one set of color.

Roulette chips in American roulette may come in a variety of 8 colors. This means at any given time 8 bettors can be accommodated by that table. However under the European roulette it can cover more than the American roulette having to use a single color for every bettor.

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I have been asked what kind of roulette chips are there. Actually there are many kinds of roulette chips available. It all depends on each casino. Casino’s design their own chips including roulette. The reason behind is the obvious fact is that roulette chips can only be use at roulette tables. No gambling table accepts roulette chips. One must undergo changing chips again, this time from a roulette chips to a regular casino chip. Going back to the topic kinds of chips, these chips especially European roulette contains more designs than American roulette chips. Being of the same color issued to players, dealers in European roulette by means of those designs uses it to remember ownership. For example if the roulette chip has an eagle design, dealers turn its head facing them signifying female bettor owns the chips.

Those roulette chips are made of hard plastic with magnetic chip to detect a fake from an original chip. Casinos cannot be too lax in making roulette chips. Design of those chips most often than not reflects the theme of that particular casino. Each casino tries to outdo the others in designing beautiful roulette chips.


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A friend of mine collect roulette chips just for fun, he displays those in his den. Striking thing of beauty hangs in his wall, 20 $10 chips from different roulette tables representing continents. This is his trophy, 20 chips from 20 casinos coming from various countries in 4 continents. The long held tradition of casinos world over of having separate and distinct chips exclusively for roulette is a clear mark of roulette’s highly esteemed place in the history of gambling.