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Roulette Betting - Are There Ways To Turn The Odds Into Your Favor ? 

Have you ever witness players betting roulette? How beautiful it is to see such rhythmic placing of bets during calls of players. I can say it’s an art, poetry in motion. You see roulette betting requires both memory and logic. Exact positioning of bets are to be executed by either players and dealer so as to properly identify such bets. No written signs are posted on roulette tables for inside bets. Therefore people responsible for bet placement on the layout must have good memory. A simple bet such as straight up bet calls for chips to be place right on the center square of the particular number. Whereas players sometimes wages on call bets such as “Voisins du zero” might be complicated for others.

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This kind of call bets has seventeen numbers that surround zero in a roulette wheel. Veteran players most of the time knows what those numbers consist of and they do it without any difficulty. Error prone bets placements such as street, corner, line are often times checked and rechecked by dealers and players themselves so as to avoid bet disputes. A simple miscue might misinterpret a corner bet from split bet.


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We mentioned logic is needed in roulette betting. Since we all know the numerous betting combinations available with each having different payment odds, players must determine when and what to bet using simple logic plus gut feel.

Roulette probability ratio in each number has to be taken into consideration. This probability table gives players percentage rate of their numbers to win based on number of spins. For example a single number bet on 5, is predicted to win once every 38 spins. Being the case, players can wait longer before placing bets in order to minimize loses and win more than what is expected.


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Another area of concern and the use of low risk even money payout bet. Even money bets have a high rate of winning potential at 46.37%. Isn’t it prudent to bet on such, it gives you better chances of winning? A good steady betting on these odds can off-set your high risk- high return bets. A much bigger amount on these outside bets than your inner bets is highly recommended.


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Another topic in roulette betting. pertains to odds, payout and probabilities. Although these three subjects are very synonymous to each other, still a thin line separates them from one another. The odds are expressed in mathematical fashion in which a number or group of numbers is expected to win based on number of spin. This is a tool for the players to know where they stand in their choice bets; a single number bet gives players a huge payback from a very small bet. In other words $35 is paid for every $1 bet on a single number bet. Consequently, having higher payout has less chances of winning. In roulette probabilities a single number bet has, don’t be surprise, 2.63% chance of winning. Don’t get discourage though, in roulette betting you can develop a counter plan to repulse this mind disturbing fact and we have already discuss it earlier.