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Is there anyone in the casino world capable of predicting roulette? Of course not! Nobody despite the advances made in science and technology can predict winning numbers in roulette. I am super amazed at these people claiming to do so. They have the tenacity and guts to proclaim to the universe of their cunning ability to forecast results of each spin, let along 70% of total spins. 70% is a quite a tall order already, but some guys are adamant enough in their belief of “they can do it” style.

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These Nike wearing messiahs are nothing but con artist trying to make money by fooling a whole bunch of gamblers. All I can say is why not play the game themselves? This is were my sixth sense or should I say simple logic comes to play. I have a big hunch that these people were roulettes greatest losers. Come on, answer me this, if they are so smart in predicting roulette why would they spend so much in promoting their stuff and not have it kept secret. Anyone who has a sure secret formula of winning would probably play roulette online on weekdays and weekends at the brick and mortar casinos, piling up bundles and bundles of cash.


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Another question bags my head, this time from a business point of view. Why will they risk a lot by putting up a business with only one product and that is predicting roulette? Chances of low sales – high expenses could have crossed their minds. A possibility of ruining whatever monetary gains they got over the years of gambling roulette. It was a sure money making scheme, they should have opted and just sit back and relax enjoying the big bucks generated by their ability to predict roulette. But no, putting a stop and rehash it into software definitely creates more questions than answers.


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I challenge these prophets and prove once and for all the effectiveness of their product. I am sure the system is just a figment of their imagination.

Let us discuss roulette impossibility to be predicted. There are 37-38 numbers, 37 for European roulette and 38 for American roulette. You have a wheel and a ball included in determining a winning number, and… ah, yes, the dealer who does all the spinning for both the wheel and the ball. First to be spun is the wheel followed by the ball on a counter spin against the wheel spin. Every time the ball drops and before landing on the winning number it has to hit a number of parts that are designed within the wheel. In other words the ball has to hit those corners, frits, the core and the turrets


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These were integrated into the wheel to make it difficult for a target location. With this at hand, prediction comes to impossible. What’s more dealers involved will have a hard time for an intended number location. Muscle memory cannot apply here; a difference of ½ gram per square inch force will offset any chance for a possible target.

So this is my case, don’t believe when someone out there in the gambling world suddenly proclaims he can predict roulette, well chances are he is there for a quick buck.