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I am thankful of the many blessings I received over time. The rewards from those opportunities have been both exhilarating and magnificent. And one of those awesome gifts I had next to my beautiful wife and wonderful children was my friendship with Chris Kaas. I have to admit Chris was responsible for what I am today. He simply introduces to me the game of roulette. After learning the basics I was immediately hooked up with the game. It was a roller coaster ride in the beginning eventually I manage to improve and as the saying goes the rest is history. This is my story of playing roulette.


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I was one of those ordinary guys trying to earn decent living from upright work. I am a plant supervisor in one of the biggest manufacturing firms in our state. However the prospect of a growing family is one of my concerns. There were times my wife a dead ringer of a fabulous and famed Hollywood actress and I barely make both ends meet. And having her as a wife could be expensive too. So we double our efforts in making ways to some extra cash just to keep up with our monthly expenses.


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I have always thought of the possibility of playing roulette as a means to fill that gap. However I was just unlucky with the game. Over the past 3 years I was ahead of the game by a miserable would you believe $3? To play roulette was my passion but roulette doesn’t have passion on me. Until one day my co worker Chris Kaas told me of a way to beat roulette base on his system of various roulette tactics and techniques.



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Since then I followed what Chris has told me to do. I found playing roulette to be better this time. The thrills and excitement that the game gives were more appreciated to the max. Fun and at the same time making money were the order of the day. The moment the dealer calls out no more bets I could feel the adrenaline rushing up my whole body. Then as the wheel and the ball are spun I hold my breath but not too long as I might pass out, I watch the ball gingerly stops at the winning number.


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And that’s when all the excitement that it brings comes to an end. This is due to the fact that 75% of my even money bets wins. I’m not surprise, just another day at the office I always say to myself.

In just 3 years of playing roulette using Chris Kaas techniques I was able to parlay so much cash that I was able to buy the best things for my family. At work I was now a star, recognize as an excellent roulette player who drives to work in brand new Lamborghini.


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