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A lot of guys I know give me that stare of approval every time I bump into them. A seal of admiration can be seen beneath those friendly smiles. And why not, you see just a couple of years ago I was a struggling technician in our production plant trying to make both ends meet.  After those years of financial struggle and coping up with hard times, these friends and acquaintances now look up to me as an exceptional winner in life. Many knew my secret while others are left in bewilderment figuring out how I did it. For those who keep abreast have inkling that I make more money than our company president by just playing roulette!!! This is the product from my making money from roulette


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No one could have ever imagined the success I have with my roulette betting. The rewards were been extremely satisfying to no end. My eternal search for a better way of winning roulette finally paid off when I devised winning betting patterns and turned roulette as my financial profit center. As of the moment I rake in six times as much as my salary from being a plant technician. This is due to my making money with roulette.



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I have been often asked on how I was able to put one over the casino considering its enormous advantages casinos have over gamblers. I say to them one must have a plan of action. That’s what all it takes, a well studied plan of batting patterns and scenarios practice to perfection and applied to make casino money with roulette.


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Let me show you a simple plan of action. Every time you enter a casino and rush to the roulette table, you have with you certain amount of playing casino money for that particular day. From there is so easy to come up with one plan.  Set a winning goal as your target each playing day. This means base on your playing capital place 10% of that playing capital as your winning target. A capital of $1,000 and having put 10% as your winning goal means winning $100 is the sign to call it a day. By doing this practice every time there is a big chance you will make money with roulette.

Why our goal is pegged only at 10%? Well for the simple reason 10% is a very realistic figure to achieve. Setting goals at high note are harder to come by and the consequences that may arise are far greater than one can imagine in a longer period of betting trying to reach that high percentage of winning.

The risks involve are just too scary. One must be contended with small steady winnings which in the long run will make big bucks to the surprise of the bettor. Certainly no investment scheme now a day can give you a 10% gain from your capital every day.


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