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How to Win Roulette - A Guide to Turn Roulette Into Your Money Making Machine 

Books, publications and software abound giving casino players tools on how to neutralize casinos built-in-advantage and get that all important winning streak. In most cases getting that streak has been elusive much to finding a unicorn, the mythical house. I may sound pessimistic on my statements but I am not. It is my intention to state facts from experiences. On the contrary I do believe a constant win is always possible and fulfill those gamblers dream of great financial rewards.


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It has always been the case of searching the correct formula how to win roulette and to gain access unto the house of riches. It may not take overnight to do it but getting the first step is what is necessary.


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A positive outlook in relation to his betting styles and procedures is inherent on the psychological attributes of a gambler. Confidence gives him an aura of invincibility, where losses are taken astride. Lack of confidence and feeling scared only heightens emotions and overcome players from their game plans. In the midst of plays diffident players will be in complete disarray in thoughts and are therefore vulnerable to sustain further loses. Practice and conditioning of mind to be confident the way James Bond does it every time he plays roulette. Just don’t get distracted from the girls, will you.


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Now that you’re oozing with confidence one must back up that intrepid persona with a game plan. Everything you do in life must have a plan because every thing is done with a purpose. Map your plans in such a way that it is practical, easy to remember, with a realistic and achievable goals in short bursts of time. Firstly, write down your target of winnings per day relative to your playing capital. Also be reminded this capital is supposed to be of excess funds. Normally set 10% of your capital as your target. Set your maximum losses for a day in the tune of 15%. The percentage set is a bit higher than the 10% goal of winning. This is because we included provisions for recovery of loses or lessen loss for the day. If your capital is $1,000 winning $100 is much easier to accomplish than losing $150 on an average day of roulette.


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A plan which works perfectly well for players whose focus is winning in a short time possible is to quit while you’re ahead. Having set a small percentage of winning relative to capital is reachable in a matter of minutes. Quitting is the best option, a $200 win most of the week will accumulate big earnings no matter how you look at it. This is what I call roulette guerilla tactics. It calls for a hit and run affair because no one can carry a sustain flight with any casino. Your physical attributes and limited financial resources cannot cope with any casinos being open for 24 hours a day running on unlimited funds.


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This is the very reason why were have to limit our playing time. Prolong playing of roulette will result to ill responses and delayed reaction to events. 2 – 3 consecutive losses will only add pressure on your already drained out body. Limit to 2 hours of playing can give your much time to relax and reflect tomorrow’s moves.

The use of the psychological aspect as well as physical attributes forms part of your roulette game plan. These are the areas gamblers failed to capitilize on.