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History of Roulette 

For all intents and purposes the origin of roulette can never be ascertain nor confirm in any recorded data in history. Various schools of thought points to many versions on how this popular casino game evolved. Claims and counterclaims were made and up to now on the last year of the first decade of the third millennium with all the sophistications and advance technologies tracing the roots based on evidences on roulette's earliest form is forever lost. Nevertheless we will attempt in presenting history of roulette in a manner with out prejudice and due cause.


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It is believe by some quarters that the ancient Romans as a form of gaming amusement tipped their chariots its sides and at the same time spinning the wheels to create the game itself. However there were stories that made mention of the Chinese as the inventors of the game having brought back by European traders from China. They claim that the Chinese game was to arrange 37 statuettes of animals in a magic square that totals 666. But those who persist on these allegations failed to explain the method in which one has to play. Incidentally if you add the numbers 1-36 the sum is 666.


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Another version of the origin of roulette has noted French scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal the father of probability as having invented the roulette mechanism back in 1657 while doing his experiment on perpetual motion devices. In the years that followed sometime in 1720 a game called 'roly-poly' where a spinning ball and rotating horizontal wheel was used as a game of chance. This we can safely say as the precursor of our present day roulette. In the coming years 1739 and 1740 England's Gaming Act banned roly-poly and other games of chance. But all is not lost though; a Master of Ceremonies at Bath by the name of Blair Nash circumvented this law by introducing 'EO' or even-odd' a simplified version of roly-poy. However EO was defined as a game of chance and that too was banned in 1745.


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So after 50 years this time in Paris modern roulette wheels began appearing in all casinos. These wheels were practically the same comparing it with today's roulette. The parameters that identifies what roulette is present here, these are numbers 1-36, 0 (zero), 00 (double zero), colors of red and black, and the odd and even number bet.

Only difference with those roulette against present day roulette was 0 (zero) being color red and 00 (double zero) as black. Confusion arose ever time 0 or 00 wins as it barred any color from winning. Thus the color green was eventually recognized as the color for all zeros.


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Competition among casinos was becoming tough and stiff. The introduction of a single zero roulette wheel in 1842 by Francois and Louis Blanc gave the brothers an edge over the rest. After France declared gambling illegal followed by Germany, surviving brother Louise Blanc was invited by no less than the Prince of Monaco, Charles III from whom Monte Carlo was name, for Blanc to establish and operate a superbly magnificent casino that was to become the benchmark of the industry of gambling today.