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GAMBLINGS TIPS – A Sure Way To Win Money 

People who love to gamble always wants to get a grip on information’s that leads them to the road of successful gambling. By doing so gamblers becomes confident in their gambling patterns which results to a “most of the time win” situation. The problem of how to get hold of vital strategies is the most persistent problem gamblers have to face. Most often than not when presented with gambling tips base on a clear level of an assurance win, these perennial loser’s answers with “I’ve done that before and it never worked”.

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Being the case maybe, gamblers still insist on their losing ways without the benefit of good advice. A long losing streak ensures and before they know it, Mr. Loser had lost a fortune to gambling. But why gamble on the first place, a lot of us will ask, nobody wins at the casino. These impulsive gamblers are no match against these perpetual money making machine, the casino.

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All is not lost though, a simple yet deadly and effective way to combat and neutralize casinos huge advantage is right here, ready to be devoured by those casinos hungry pushovers. The never say die, come what may attitudes of these poor losers never knew how to use simple yet, proven gambling tips in all their lives. One thing I can say though to these gambling cellar dwellers; they have the audacity to put money on the line without any inkling of things to come. There are without saying “casino most prized customers”.


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Now, they are about to learn simple gambling tips which I’m sure will turn the way things are. First and foremost of these is to put a limit on your winnings and loses. Setting a goal in mind of a winning level relative to your playing capital ensures you a better chance to be ahead of the game. A simple 10-15% of your play money say $1000 will be at $100-150 is the limit for winning. Why? The reason is 10% gain on your capital in a short period of one day is one of the highest if not the highest return rate in the world. No business can give you that! Of course we have to exclude government officials of third world countries. Secondly it is realistic therefore it can be accomplished even when everyday betting is done. Third reason you avoid the long hands of “the law of average” to catch you. It is a proven fact, that player most of the time wins but they give it back again, because of the simple reason of not knowing when to quit. And this happens to 9 out of 10 gamblers.

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On the other hand, if you have a winning limit, you might as well set a limit on your one day loss. Having a limit on your losses will stop whatever conceivable thought of a possible losing streak. This way you can extricate yourself from further damage. You can recoup your losses the following day.

These are 2 simple yet important tips in roulette. It has been observed by prominent psychologist that players or gamblers never know when to stop, most especially on a winning trend. The same goes with losing, players tries to get back at their losses, but a wise and prudent gamble always says “if it isn’t your day don’t push it!