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Yes sir, you can laugh all the way to the bank once you read, study, and practice this great gambling strategy base from experiences of my friend Dave who practically wins $6,000 a month with just minimum capital to play with. Being a consistent winner Dave have won recognition both from his gambling peers and casino dealers as well, for doing so, he was dubbed as a master guru in the art of gambling. Never have I encountered such a gentleman in the field of gambling who will now share with us his trade secrets and a sure formula for winning.


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Thousands of books and publications have been printed and have read hundreds of them but very few can match the style and grace of Dave's savvy gambling strategy. Even the great mathematician Albert Einstein founder of modern physics once said that you can never beat a roulette table unless you steal from it". But who said about beating roulette Dave counters, the objective is for a player to win not beat the game! Win that particular moment and take advantage of it by quitting. Be ahead as he always tells me.

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Another gambling strategy that most definitely benefit gamblers are the use of the odds payout option bets. Always think of your bets as an investment. Everyone likes to win, so treat that bet in the same manner you buy stocks or money you put in your business. By doing so, you avoid risky bets. The house always has an advantage of about 2.6% to 8% per bet. Nevertheless, betting on even money lessen those risks. Only a string of bad luck can put you down.


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The use of trending much like it is done in the stock market is an excellent gambling strategy. Although nothing is definite from a mathematical point of view, trending can help guide players where to bet on the next turn. Trending is a way of recording even money bets in a chart fashion. Also remember only even money bets are taken into consideration for graphs. For example in roulette your jot down the outcome of odd and even numbers, and colors, red and black. You?ll be surprised that trends can occur and hints for a possible win on the next spin.


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One must practice on how to plot and understand these sequences. But bear in mind that trends always occur for a short period before another sequence starts to establish again. Some common sequences of trending are the so-called jumping. Wherein red and black alternately wins, another is 2x2; this means 2 black wins followed by 2 reds and then another 2 blacks. The easiest trend to follow is the straight line fashion, consecutive wins done in great umbers.

So there you have it. Some of Dave's secret gambling strategy now revealed to us. Take note of how Dave did it, it perfectly worked for him and I'm sure it certainly work for you.