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Improve your chances of winning!!! Know how American Roulette and European Roulette works ! 

My friend Dave a regular roulette player told me his overall winnings from roulette average $200 dollars a day, equivalent to $6,000 a month!!! Jeez!!! that’s twice as much as his take home pay from his regular job. He further mentions that knowledge of roulette is part of his secret formula for success. Dave explained to me the difference between American roulette and European roulette saying each style has its own distinct advantages. One must exploit these advantages Dave continues and turn it into a winning streak. And here at last he shows us the differences of the two roulette styles.


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Roulette can be classified into two styles, the American roulette and European roulette. American roulette is by far popular among Asian casinos and of course in North America, while European roulette dominates casinos in Latin America and Europe. But what lies beneath these two styles of roulette can make a difference in your brand of play. Dave examines these two styles to give a better view as to which roulette suits you best.


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You will notice slight difference in the number of pockets between the two roulette styles. 0 (zero) and 00(double zero) are added to the regular roulette numbers 1-36 under the American style, thus having 38 pockets all in all. On the other hand 37 pockets is the total for European roulette, with a solitary 0(zero) added to the regular roulette numbers again, they are 1-36. Is there any significance in our comparison? Absolutely!!! The house that uses European roulette gets $2.63 for every gamblers bet of $100. And what about the American roulette style, how much does the house gain? Playing American roulette gives the house $5.26 advantage for every $100 bet. Certainly bettors have better chances with European roulette against American roulette.


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Another difference is the number and color arrangement. Though American and European roulette both have their 0(zero) and 00(double zero) colored green, they differ in the manner of positioning their zeros. American roulette places 0(zero) between two black odd numbers and 00(double zero) is surrounded by two red even numbers on both sides. Meanwhile the solitary 0(zero) in the European roulette is squeeze between 2 even numbers each alternately colored red and black. Is there an advantage as to which style bettors get an upper hand? It’s more psychological than anything else.


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Now, let us not take for granted the table layout every time you play roulette. Convenience is also a key to successful roulette betting. In any major event you don’t want to be seated far from where the action is wouldn’t you? Well, the wheel in European roulette is comfortably placed in the middle where everyone can easily follow the action. While American roulette places the wheel at the far end of the table. Again European roulette has an edge here. However in the use of gambling chips American roulette edges out European roulette. European roulette issues out the same color for every roulette player. The opposite prevails with the American roulette where each player is given different colored roulette chip in order to avoid unnecessary confusion among players.


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The method of collecting losing bets once again differs so much between the two roulette styles. The use of arms and hands to sweep chips off the table is practice in American roulette while European roulette dealers utilizes a long stick called a rake to get the job done.

There is one important roulette play to take note of. The European roulette option is offered to players whenever the ball lands on 0(zero), players may choose to surrender only half of his wager or leave it for the next game.

So there you have it knowing how to play both roulette styles would definitely be to your advantage.